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Land Rush 2020

Postponed until September 19, 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a year of turmoil, confusion and uncertainty! Get into clarity!

However, that spells opportunity!

Ozzie Jurock & his expert speakers will help you adjust your 'money making sails' to steer a course to profit amongst treacherous real estate waters.

Last year's top recommendations earned a return of 61%!

Find out where to make money in 2020 and more importantly where not to lose any.

This powerhouse real estate conference – the only one of it's kind – is now in it's 28th year of profitable recommendations.



Saturday, September 19, 2020
9 am - 5:00 pm with Registration and Exhibit Hall opening at 8 am
Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, 1088 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC


Recording of the conference. $87.77 (plus shipping and GST) and will ship 2 weeks after the conference.

Something for everyone!
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Go to Google for information - Go to the Real Estate Board for Statistics - come to LAND RUSH 2020 to find out what it means for YOU!

Clear your cobwebs, get into clarity with confidence!

For 25 years attendees have been told where to buy, how to buy and importantly what not to buy at each event. Had you bought ANY of their offerings you would have been very rich. In fact many of the attendees have begun very rich. The Jurock Real Estate Insider LAND RUSH conference has established itself as the quintessential forecast for the serious investor or homeowner.

12 Ace speakers predict the future of Canadian and US real estate markets.

In 2020 we are faced with a continued crash in Toronto, a boom in Montreal, a boom in Vancouver condos and the Fraser Valley.

  • Will Vancouver condo sales continue to rise?
  • What about single-family?
  • What specific suburbs in Vancouver should you buy?
  • What specific small towns should you buy in British Columbia?
  • Which to stay away from?
  • 3 Best cities in the United States to invest in
  • Oil prices? Canadian dollar?
  • What does Brexit/populism mean to foreign investors?
  • Will the Chinese and other foreigner's money keep coming to Vancouver?
  • What does Trudeau's new immigration policy mean to BC real estate?
  • What kind of real estate will they be buying?

And of course 100 Hot Properties under $100,000 - selected for you.

Expert speakers talk!

  • Expert professional on Ontario
  • Expert professional on Alberta
  • Expert professional on Vancouver
  • Special focus on Surrey, Maple Ridge, Langley, New Westminster, Kelowna, Pemberton


Special focus on Phoenix

Phoenix and Seattle prices are soaring. Portland has good cash flow... But buying in the US is different. We are foreigners. What are the rules? Tax consequences? Financing?

100 specialty selected cash flow properties under $100,000

Only Land Rush attendees will receive the list of 100 properties under $100,000


Harry Dent predicts crash; Britain talks Brexit; Germany lets in 1 million immigrants; the wealthy in the Middle East and Asia are on the move. What does it mean? Will we crash? Will foreigners continue to come to Canada. Is the big change in quantitative easing to quantitative tightening going to affect our real estate? A prediction on the possible impact on real estate values is always a centerpiece focus of our conference.



The best experts will educate you



The most productive week-end



The leading players in the real estate industry



A Vancouver tradition!

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Real Estate Investment Experts - more speakers to be announced soon...



Kyle Green

Kyle Green Green Mortgage Team

Topic: "Fed up with residential financing? Explore commercial lending, where common sense still exists."


Thomas Beyer

Thomas Beyer Prestigious Properties

Topic: "Investment Opportunities in Wine Country - the Sunny Southern Okanagan"



Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie JurockLeading Real Estate Expert

Topic: "2020 - A crucial year for the real estate investor"


Ralph Case

Ralph Case Real Estate Action Group

Topic: "Real Estate Profits in Perspective" A detailed look at successful Real Estate investments over the last 5 years, Today, and looking forward...what to do "Right Now".


Rick Hoogendoorn

Rick Hoogendoorn Greater Victoria REALTOR

Topic: "TBA"


James Knull

James Knull Mogul Realty Group Edmonton

Topic: "TBA"


Domenic S. Mandato

Domenic Mandato President and Chief Executive Officer, InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (IP REIT)

Topic: "Unlocking the code to Commercial Real Estate – How one company is adding commercial properties to their Multi-Family portfolio. Was it the right decision?"


Robert Mcleod

Robert F. McLeod CEO & Founder, McLeod Project Marketing Ltd.

Topic: "TBA"


Justin Smith

Justin Smith President of Hawkeye Wealth

Topic: "TBA"


Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie Jurock

Topic: "2020 - A crucial year for the real estate investor"

Ozzie will discuss the following:

Ozzie Jurock is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI). His current positions are:



Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says: "Ozzie is one of the wisest money men alive. I love listening to and reading him and so will you. Drink deeply of his wisdom, insights, advice and you'll permanently prosper."

Ozzie Jurock (FRI) Past Positions:

He has served as president of the Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster Real Estate Board, as Chairman of the arbitration Committee of the Vancouver Real Estate Board.

Further he served on the boards of the BC Real Estate Council, the Vancouver Real Estate Board, the UBC Real Estate Research Bureau, the Quality Council of BC and the Advisory Board of BCIT among others.

His busy life found him elected president of the Canada Taiwan Trade Association.

He also served as a judge for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award.

Currently he is also serving as a judge at the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Building Awards (2011-2014).

He is featured in Who's Who in Canada, Who's Who in America, BC and the US, as well as the Louis Rukeyser's Who's Who.

Oh, and his recipe for Salmon Wellington is featured in the Chicken Soup of the Soul cookbook (weeeellll…his wife had something to do with that!)

4,600 people follow Ozzie on Facebook, 5,800 on Twitter, 3,300 on Linkedin and 1,100 follow Real Estate Insider, 2,600 on and a 1,080 follow the Real Estate Action Group

He is also plays as a Internet DJ with 15,800 listeners worldwide

Yet, he still finds time to hold over 80 speeches a year.

Ozzie Jurock is known as one of Canada's leading business motivators and his investor outlook conferences attract audiences of over 500 attendees every time. There is only one reason: Ozzie Jurock delivers more than he promises.

He and his wife, Jo currently live in Vancouver, Canada.


Ralph Case

Ralph Case

Topic: "Real Estate Profits in Perspective" A detailed look at successful Real Estate investments over the last 5 years, Today, and looking forward...what to do "Right Now".

Partner Real Estate Action Group
President of Jurock Case Investment Realty Inc.

Ralph doesn’t just talk the talk, he practices what he teaches! In the last 10 years he has bought and sold over 2500 residential units either individually or with his joint venture partners. Clearly he is a man of ACTION! His specialty is “Action Plans” and he meets monthly with Real Estate Action Group members to perfect their plans and reach their goals.

Ralph is a co-founder of JurockCase Investment Realty Inc. (, has been a speaker at Real Estate and Investment conferences in the United States and Canada, and owns a Real Estate development and syndication company. He is an author in the books: Real Estate Action and the bestseller: Trendsetters.

An investor since 1981, Ralph specializes in putting together joint venture partnerships to profit from land and apartment building deals. His speciality is identifying opportunities where proper management can unlock significant gains in net operating income (NOI).



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Can I sponsor this event?

Yes, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us at 604-683-1111 Ext 2 or email for more information.

Where is the event taking place?

Land Rush 2020 is being held in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 W. Hastings St.

Is there parking available?

Parking at the hotel is by metered stall with no attendant. The price is $7 all day flat rate on the weekends.

Can I get a recording of the event?

Yes, USB Stick of Land Rush 2020 will are available.

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VENUE: Sheraton Wall Centre at 1088 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC (see map)

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  • #204 - 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2R4
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