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Land Rush 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a year of turmoil, confusion and uncertainty! Get into clarity!

However, that spells opportunity!

Ozzie Jurock & his expert speakers will help you adjust your 'money making sails' to steer a course to profit amongst treacherous real estate waters.

Last year's top recommendations earned a return of 61%!

Find out where to make money in 2019 and more importantly where not to lose any.

This powerhouse real estate conference – the only one of it's kind – is now in it's 27th year of profitable recommendations.



Saturday, May 4, 2019
9 am - 5:00 pm with Registration and Exhibit Hall opening at 8 am
Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 W. Hastings St, Vancouver, BC


Recording of the conference. $87.77 (plus shipping and GST) and will ship 2 weeks after the conference.
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Go to Google for information - Go to the Real Estate Board for Statistics - come to LAND RUSH 2019 to find out what it means for YOU!

Clear your cobwebs, get into clarity with confidence!

For 25 years attendees have been told where to buy, how to buy and importantly what not to buy at each event. Had you bought ANY of their offerings you would have been very rich. In fact many of the attendees have begun very rich. The Jurock Real Estate Insider LAND RUSH conference has established itself as the quintessential forecast for the serious investor or homeowner.

12 Ace speakers predict the future of Canadian and US real estate markets.

In 2019 we are faced with a continued crash in Toronto, a boom in Montreal, a boom in Vancouver condos and the Fraser Valley.

  • Will Vancouver condo sales continue to rise?
  • What about single-family?
  • What specific suburbs in Vancouver should you buy?
  • What specific small towns should you buy in British Columbia?
  • Which to stay away from?
  • 3 Best cities in the United States to invest in
  • Oil prices? Canadian dollar?
  • What does Brexit/populism mean to foreign investors?
  • Will the Chinese and other foreigner's money keep coming to Vancouver?
  • What does Trudeau's new immigration policy mean to BC real estate?
  • What kind of real estate will they be buying?

And of course 100 Hot Properties under $100,000 - selected for you.

Expert speakers talk!

  • Expert professional on Ontario
  • Expert professional on Alberta
  • Expert professional on Vancouver
  • Special focus on Surrey, Maple Ridge, Langley, New Westminster, Kelowna, Pemberton


Special focus on Phoenix

Phoenix and Seattle prices are soaring. Portland has good cash flow... But buying in the US is different. We are foreigners. What are the rules? Tax consequences? Financing?

100 specialty selected cash flow properties under $100,000

Only Land Rush attendees will receive the list of 100 properties under $100,000


Harry Dent predicts crash; Britain talks Brexit; Germany lets in 1 million immigrants; the wealthy in the Middle East and Asia are on the move. What does it mean? Will we crash? Will foreigners continue to come to Canada. Is the big change in quantitative easing to quantitative tightening going to affect our real estate? A prediction on the possible impact on real estate values is always a centerpiece focus of our conference.



The best experts will educate you



The most productive week-end



The leading players in the real estate industry



A Vancouver tradition!

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Real Estate Investment Experts - more speakers to be announced soon...


Kyle Green

Kyle Green Green Mortgage Team

Topic: "Mortgage money is still there, but you need to know where to find it"

Rick Hoogendoorn

Rick Hoogendoorn Greater Victoria REALTOR

Topic: "The VICTORIA MARKET for downsizers AND investors"

Dave Steele

Dave Steele President, Western Canadian Properties Group

Topic: "Investing in BC’s top High Growth Markets"


Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie JurockLeading Real Estate Expert

Topic: "2019 - A crucial year for the real estate investor"


Ralph Case

Ralph Case Real Estate Action Group

Topic: "Real Estate Profits in Perspective" A detailed look at successful Real Estate investments over the last 5 years, Today, and looking forward...what to do "Right Now".

Kelly Fry

Kelly Fry Ace Realtor

Topic: "Cash Flow Updates in the Fraser Valley"

Robert Mcleod

Robert F. McLeod CEO & Founder, McLeod Project Marketing Ltd.

Topic: "Keto and Real Estate in Edmonton, skip the sugar find the fat!"

Rudy Nielsen

Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI President & Founder, The NIHO Group

Topic: "Where should you invest? How to find and valuate land using the new technology in today’s real estate environment."

Brad Norman

Brad Norman USA Auction Expert

Topic: "The Auction Master - buy a house for 9,000 at US Auctions and Tax Liens"

Charan Sethi

Charan Sethi President, Tien Sher Group of Companies

Topic: "The Future: Transit Oriented Developments"

Justin Smith

Justin Smith President of Hawkeye Wealth

Topic: "Commercial Real Estate Insights for 2019 and Beyond"

TODD SMITH: Ace Realtor in Phoenix, The AZ Performance Realty Team

Todd Smith The AZ Performance Realty Team

Topic: "Phoenix is still hot!"

odi Steeves

Jodi Steeves Re/Max Aldercenter Realty

Topic: TBA

All Speaker Bios/Topics Click to view

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie Jurock

Topic: "2019 - A crucial year for the real estate investor"

Ozzie will discuss the following:

  • Will Vancouver recover from the tax intro?
  • What sleeper areas should investors buy in British Columbia?
  • Where to invest in the U.S.?
  • How will oil prices change?
  • Will the Canadian Dollar rebound?
  • Will the Chinese and other foreign money stop coming to Vancouver?

Ozzie Jurock is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI). His current positions are:



  • He has won 1st prize at the Morguard Literary Awards - twice.
  • He has won the Bestselling Author Award from the US based National Academy of Bestselling Authors 2011.
  • He has won The Editor's Choice Award by Celebrity Press 2011
  • He has received Vancouver's Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) the "Sales and Service Achievement Award"

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says: "Ozzie is one of the wisest money men alive. I love listening to and reading him and so will you. Drink deeply of his wisdom, insights, advice and you'll permanently prosper."

Ozzie Jurock (FRI) Past Positions:

  • President of Royal LePage (Res.) in charge of over 7000 (PLUS 3000 support staff) salespeople, CANADA
  • Chairman and CEO of NRS Block Bros., CANADA, USA
  • President of Red Carpet Real Estate, USA
  • President of ProPhase Inc. Data Corporation, CANADA
  • President Royal Lepage Asia based (Taiwan, Hongkong and Tokyo). TAIWAN
  • President of DATUM Real Estate Management Services, TAIWAN
  • President of FeatureWeb, Vancouver
  • President of Jurock International Net and Jurock New Media Vancouver

He has served as president of the Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster Real Estate Board, as Chairman of the arbitration Committee of the Vancouver Real Estate Board.

Further he served on the boards of the BC Real Estate Council, the Vancouver Real Estate Board, the UBC Real Estate Research Bureau, the Quality Council of BC and the Advisory Board of BCIT among others.

His busy life found him elected president of the Canada Taiwan Trade Association.

He also served as a judge for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award.

Currently he is also serving as a judge at the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Building Awards (2011-2014).

He is featured in Who's Who in Canada, Who's Who in America, BC and the US, as well as the Louis Rukeyser's Who's Who.

Oh, and his recipe for Salmon Wellington is featured in the Chicken Soup of the Soul cookbook (weeeellll…his wife had something to do with that!)

4,600 people follow Ozzie on Facebook, 5,800 on Twitter, 3,300 on Linkedin and 1,100 follow Real Estate Insider, 2,600 on and a 1,080 follow the Real Estate Action Group

He is also plays as a Internet DJ with 15,800 listeners worldwide

Yet, he still finds time to hold over 80 speeches a year.

Ozzie Jurock is known as one of Canada's leading business motivators and his investor outlook conferences attract audiences of over 500 attendees every time. There is only one reason: Ozzie Jurock delivers more than he promises.

He and his wife, Jo currently live in Vancouver, Canada.


Ralph Case

Ralph Case

Topic: "Real Estate Profits in Perspective" A detailed look at successful Real Estate investments over the last 5 years, Today, and looking forward...what to do "Right Now".

Partner Real Estate Action Group
President of Jurock Case Investment Realty Inc.

Ralph doesn’t just talk the talk, he practices what he teaches! In the last 10 years he has bought and sold over 2500 residential units either individually or with his joint venture partners. Clearly he is a man of ACTION! His specialty is “Action Plans” and he meets monthly with Real Estate Action Group members to perfect their plans and reach their goals.

Ralph is a co-founder of JurockCase Investment Realty Inc. (, has been a speaker at Real Estate and Investment conferences in the United States and Canada, and owns a Real Estate development and syndication company. He is an author in the books: Real Estate Action and the bestseller: Trendsetters.

An investor since 1981, Ralph specializes in putting together joint venture partnerships to profit from land and apartment building deals. His speciality is identifying opportunities where proper management can unlock significant gains in net operating income (NOI).


Charan Sethi

Charan Sethi

Topic: "The Future: Transit Oriented Developments"

Charan Sethi is President of the Tien Sher Group of Companies, a Richmond-based real estate developer and builders of community-sensitive and transit-friendly new home construction projects.

Charan’s experience as a Real Estate Developer, Builder, educator and retired Realtor spans over three decades in the Metro Vancouver area.

A Richmond-resident since 1980, Charan’s passion is to create housing affordability by innovating new models of housing that meet the evolving needs of homebuyers and changing market conditions – to not just build, but develop communities where people feel at home.

Since its’ founding, Charan and Tien Sher Group of Companies have completed single-family and multi-family townhome and condominium residential developments and subdivisions throughout Richmond, Surrey, North Vancouver, New Westminster and Vancouver Island totaling over 1,400 homes.

OVATION AWARDS by HAVAN, Home Builders Association Vancouver (formerly operating as Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association):

2019 Best New Outdoor Living Space: Single-Family Production or Multi-Family (finalist) – Venue

2019 Best New Outdoor Living Space: Single-Family or Multi-Family (finalist) – Kings Walk

2017 BC Housing Award for Excellence in Creating Innovative Housing Choice (winner) – Balance

2017 Best Multi-Family Lowrise Development (finalist) – Balance

2017 Best Townhouse/Rowhome Development (Production): Less than 1,500 sq.ft. (finalist) – Jade

2017 Best Interior Design Display Home: Single Family (winner) – Tuttle+Patterson  

From Business in Vancouver (6-11/17-13):

Born in Jalandhar, India, in 1951, Sethi moved to England in 1963, where his father found work as a carpenter. Sethi trained as a machinist, but Britain’s economy soon hit a steep decline, and by 1978 there were more than 1.5 million people unemployed.

Sethi brought his wife and two sons to B.C. But if Canada offered more opportunities, options for increasing his income on a machinist’s hourly wage were limited. Real estate called.

“As a machinist, there was a limit to how far you could succeed in life. ... You get a fixed wage per hour,” he said. “Whereas a real estate agent, you get rewarded for how hard you work.” Putting aside a year’s worth of living expenses, he obtained his licence in 1985 and went to work under the Century21 banner. The first six months were tough. The turning point came when a fellow agent invited him to an open house for a new development.

“I knew exactly what I was talking about, because I knew construction,” he said.

The one break led to a 22-year career (moving to RE/MAX) that ultimately saw him work with developers to assemble land for development.

One of his last deals was brokering Onni’s purchase in 2001 of the former BC Packers site in Richmond. The three-year process was onerous, and Sethi’s younger son voiced his concerns.

“I wanted to make that big sale, but I had to do more homework for the developer,” he said. “My younger son didn’t like the pace I was running at.”

Sethi set up a development company with his sons Bob and Rocky (now with Adera): Tien Sher Group of Companies, or “Three Lions” in his native Punjabi. Single-family development led to townhomes and multifamily sites.

Charan’s current goal is to complete Chatham3755 in Richmond’s Steveston community, Oceanside Village in Parksville and the ongoing development of 12 acres of land in Whalley – part of the new Surrey City Centre.

Charan is an active member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, the Urban Development Institute, the Homebuilders’ Association Vancouver (HAVAN), Director of Surrey Business Improvement and Richmond Chamber of Commerce. As President of the Tien Sher Group of Companies, Charan believes in giving back to the community including his sponsorship of neighborhood initiatives and charities.


2013 Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development (finalist) – Quattro


2018 Business Excellence Award, 1-10 Employees (finalist)

2017 Business Person of the Year (finalist)

NATIONAL AWARDS FOR HOUSING EXCELLENCE by Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA):

2017 New Home Award – Attached Homes – Mid- to High-Rise Condominium or Apartment Units Under 1,000 sq.ft.


2017 Award of Excellence – Most Innovative Developer


2017 Heritage Recognition Awards – Tien Sher Group of Companies

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS by Richmond Chamber of Commerce

2014 Business Leadership Award

GEORGIE AWARDS by Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia (CHBA BC):

2012 Best Landscape Design (finalist) – Quattro3

2007 Best Print Advertisement (winner) – Quattro

2007 Best Logo (finalist) – Quattro

2007 Best Brochure (finalist) – Quattro

2007 Best Sales Centre (finalist) – Quattro

2007 Salesperson of the Year in New Home Construction (finalist) – Quattro

2007 Marketing Campaign of the Year (finalist) – Quattro

2006 Best Single-Family Detached Home Under 2,000 Sq.Ft. (finalist) – Richmond Coach House (Pacific Western Developments)

2002 Excellence in Public/Private Partnership Creating Affordable Housing (winner) –Richmond Flex House

2000 Best Salesperson or Team in New Home Construction (winner) – Charan Sethi


• 2011 Award of Merit Medium Scale Residential – Quattro

AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE by Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association:

• 2012 Community Service Award (winner)

• 2012 Handshake Award (winner)

COMMERCIAL BUILDING AWARDS by Fraser Valley Real Estate Board:

• 2011 Award of Excellence for Multi-Family (winner) – Quattro


• 2013 Business Person of the Year (finalist)

ROYAL CITY BUILDERS’ AWARDS by New Westminster Chamber of Commerce:

• 2008 People’s Choice Award Modern Commercial/Residential – Alexander Walk


• 2016 Immigrant Entrepreneur and Small Business Fair


• Homebuilders’ Association of Vancouver (HAVAN)

• Urban Development Institute – Pacific Region (UDI)

• Homeowner Protection Office

• Travelers Canada

• Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association

• Richmond Chamber of Commerce

• City of Richmond Development Advisory Board  

Company: Tien Sher Group of Companies



Phone: 604-207-4633


Kelly Fry

Kelly Fry

Topic: "Cash Flow Updates in the Fraser Valley"

Kelly Fry is an investment realtor, a chartered accountant and an investor herself. With her knowledge and experience she assists clients to build wealth by investing in real estate. She completed her business degree and her graduate diploma in accounting at McGill university in Montreal and then made her way out west.

Her love of numbers has made her a natural at analyzing real estate deals, finding maxium ROI and cash flow for her investors. She has been investing in real estate since 2001 and has personally mentored over 200 students one on one in real estate investing across Canada. She also was a trainer who taught creative financing. As an investor her latest areas of focus have been on presales and apartment building repositioning.


Kyle Green

Kyle Green

Mortgage Broker

Topic: TBA

Kyle Green has been working as a mortgage broker since 2006, and has carved out a niche as an investment property specialist since 2008. His years of experience working with the Real Estate Action Group and many other investors and investment groups has made him one of the go-to resources for financing investment properties in Canada.

Kyle was Mortgage Alliance's top producing franchise agent in British Columbia since 2011 before switching to Dominion lending in 2017 and has been a high producing agent since entering the industry. His articles have been featured in many publications such as the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Western Investor, Philippine Canadian Inquirer and more. One of his proudest awards has to be the REAG Joint Venture Award for his deal of the year in 2010, in which he closed on a $1.15 million property with $0 of his own money.

Kyle has been investing in real estate personally and his cash flow analysis spreadsheet - which he originally designed for himself - has been a huge hit with thousands of investors currently using it. His creativity goes a long way in finding ways of getting tough deals approved. Whether you are a first time home buyer or an investor, Kyle has the skill set to help you grow wealth in real estate.

During his free time Kyle likes to play hockey, watch Canucks hockey, and hang out with friends (and probably talk hockey!).

DLC Homeline Mortgages

Homeline Financial Services Inc.


Office: 604-229-5515

Toll Free: 1-888-531-8890

Fax: 1-866-551-8836




Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI

Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI

Topic: "Where should you invest? How to find and valuate land using the new technology in today’s real estate environment."

One of the foremost experts in recreational land valuation and development in British Columbia.

With over 50 years of experience, Rudy Nielsen is a highly regarded expert in the real estate industry. Rudy has occupied the roles of developer, appraiser, entrepreneur, land owner, real estate consultant, speaker and deal maker. A skilled negotiator, Rudy has successfully closed many notable deals and worked with thousands of individuals on buying and selling real estate. He’s an innovator and a trailblazer and many look to him to provide insight on recreational land and real estate trends. Rudy has a unique and highly successful method of determining the highest and best use of a property, the ability to develop a property to fulfill that vision and create a market strategy to showcase the property to the ideal target market.

Experience / Knowledge

Realtor: Rudy was licensed as a realtor from 1964 to 1982. He owned his first real estate firm in 1971 in Northern British Columbia, specializing in selling commercial and industrial real estate. He also specialised in land assembly projects and trained many real estate salesmen, given many seminars on real estate and motivational speeches both in Canada and the United States.  

Appraiser: Rudy obtained his diploma in Urban Land Economics in appraising from the University of British Columbia in 1972. He is a member of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, and a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada. He also has attended numerous seminars on appraising and marketing, both in Canada and the United States. For more than four decades, he’s been a fee appraiser for numerous companies including: Canada Safeway, Imperial Esso, Gulf Oil, Texaco, Standard Oil, Touche Ross, Royal Bank of Canada, Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia, Montreal Trust, Toronto Dominion Bank, Tilden Rent-a-Car, Uniroyal Tires, Van Tel Credit Union, Roman Catholic Church, Can-Corporation, Imperial Pacific Resources, Imperial Life City of Prince George, Royal Trust, Pacific Rim Mortgages, and Seattle First Bank. His specialty is using maps, satellites, and air photos. He has appraised ranches, farms, islands, and both commercial and industrial properties, and in 1990, he valuated the 500,000-acre Douglas Lake Ranch for a client. Rudy spent several years appraising and valuating timber for B.C. Forestry and had also completed timber valuation reports for clients throughout B.C.

Consultant / Negotiator Rudy’s consulting services offers the same unique skillset that he uses to manage his own diverse portfolio of rural lands to others. Land owners and investors can benefit from the unique recreational land expertise that he offers. Whether you’re a property owner, private company, realtor, or an individual with a high potential trophy property holding, his combined consulting services can help you realize the full potential of your real estate asset

NIHO (Nielsen Holdings) Group of Companies NIHO Land & Cattle Company – NIHO Land & Cattle Company, has marketed and sold all types of real estate over the past 4 decades including ranches, farms, ocean and fresh water islands, resorts, and timber properties, With Rudy’s unique skills of finding properties, within a 10-year period Rudy purchased over 700 properties, including the 30,000-acre, 250 property “Wineberg Estate” from Imperial Life. By 1991 NIHO he owned some of the most prestigious recreational lands in BC including 65,000 feet of ocean frontage and over 60,000 feet of river frontage, including private islands, parkland properties and secluded ocean front peninsulas. This making Rudy one of the largest private land owners of recreational properties in British Columbia.

  Landcor Data Corporation – Recognizing an unmet need for fast and accurate electronic real estate appraisals in the form of an automated valuation model (AVM), Rudy founded Landcor Data Corporation in 1987. Many years were invested in programming and designing an in-house, state-of-the-art system to offer fast and up-to-date real estate analysis and valuation of properties.

Landcor is recognized as having one of the most accurate AVM models in Canada. To date, BC residential values, valuated by Landcor in the past 19 years, is over 55 trillion dollars!

Apart from individual property valuation reports, clients have come to Landcor for in depth custom reporting solutions – building off its comprehensive database of information on over 2.1 million properties in BC.

Landcor’s sophisticated system is a user-friendly analytic program that allows a wide range of professional and consumer users to access and analyze past and present real estate data to make informed real estate, lending and risk averse decisions.

LandQuest Realty – Rudy is also Founder and Partner of this unique real estate company, which specializes in marketing and selling rural, recreational and investment properties throughout British Columbia. Their large database of listings ranges from small bare land acreages to large trophy ranches across all price points.

Media Relations: Rudy has shared his experiences in recreational real estate with the BBC, CBC Radio, CFUN and CKNW Radio in Vancouver, CKMX and CHQR Radio in Calgary, and 680 AM and CFRB Radio in Toronto He has been featured on CBC News, Rogers Cable Television “Money Talks”, City TV’s “Realty Television”, KVOS’s “Real Estate 101”, and Report on Business Television. Rudy and NIHO Land & Cattle Company have been the subject of two hour-long episodes of the popular “Wings over Canada” program which airs across North America Rudy has written many articles for R.I. Input, Real Living Magazine, Western Investor and Cottage Magazine. Rudy and NIHO Land and Cattle Company have been featured in The Globe & Mail, The National Post, South China Morning Post, The Sunday Times of London, WestJet and Air Canada’s inflight publications,’s Money, as well as other numerous publications.

Committees / Organizations Rudy has served on the CORE Lands Evaluation Commission for the Province of British Columbia and the West Coast Treaty Negotiations – Province of BC, was the Vice President for All Points Relocation for Western Canada, and chaired numerous committees on multiple listing boards. He currently resides on the board for Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers and is long standing member (45+ years) with the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia.


Brad Norman

Brad Norman

Topic: "The Auction Master - buy a house for 9,000 at US Auctions and Tax Liens"

We bought on August 17 a $9,000 house and on August 21 a $12,000 house In my speech I will tell you how we did it and how you can do it too.


GoGo Real Estate LLC Was Set up in 2013 by Bradley Norman.

Bradley Norman is an award winning Real Estate Investor.

The Mission of the Business was to research and Purchase Distressed Commercial Properties, that we see as undervalued from US Government agencies.

We then re-model theses commercial buildings and re position them to current market values.

Specialising in Warehouse conversion to Business Centres, Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks and small Industrial.

Bradley Norman has 15 Years experience in this Sector in the UK , as well as 5 years in the US Building a Portfolio of over $ 7 Million Dollars, partnering with Banks Like Lloyds of London.

We also try to keep all the people we employ locally to where the projects are located so keeping the work in the local Community.

We currently work in Washington, Indiana, Maryland & Arkansas, & are looking to Expand our portfolio in to other states.



Phone: (800) 699-0952​


Robert F. McLeod

Robert F. McLeod

CSI, CCC, Associate Broker

CEO & Founder, McLeod Project Marketing Ltd.

Topic: "Keto and Real Estate in Edmonton, skip the sugar find the fat!"

Robert F. McLeod is from Edmonton, AB and runs a highly successful real estate sales and property management brokerage as well as the most recognized project-marketing firm in Alberta. From buying his first property at 17 to owning over 100 by the age of 29, Robert has built a successful career on knowing the Edmonton market and how to find and negotiate the best deals. Robert has brought this knowledge to many new and seasoned real estate investors, helping them in their journey towards success.

Robert has been awarded some of the most coveted awards in real estate, including the Re/Max Diamond Club, Re/Max Hall of Fame & Re/Max Lifetime Achievement awards. Robert was also named one of Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40 in 2013 by Avenue Lifestyle Magazine.

Robert sits on the Commercial Division Board of the Edmonton REALTORS Association of Edmonton, is a consulting member with the Urban Development Institute and is a frequent guest and real estate "go to" expert with the CBC, Globe & Mail, Edmonton Journal and Global News.

In his spare time Robert spends time at his cottage west of Edmonton or on his boat in Vancouver, drinking BC wine. Robert likes to call his boat his "waterfront home without the tax!"

McLeod Project Marketing Ltd.

780 453 1108

12615 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, AB T5N3N8



Rick Hoogendoorn

Rick Hoogendoorn

Topic: "Real Estate Opportunities from a Victoria Perspective"

Rick Hoogendoorn is commonly referred to as "Rictoria" at Ozzie's Real Estate Action Group meetings. Rick and his wife Cheri began investing in real estate in 1997 and built up a substantial portfolio of properties in Western Canada, primarily through joint venture partnerships with family and friends.

Both of them used to be financial advisors, but when they stopped investing in mutual funds themselves, and moved everything into real estate, they realized they could no longer, in good conscience, continue to advise their clients to invest in the stock market. As a result, they both became Victoria realtors.

In 2014, Rick and Cheri were presented with the opportunity to become developers, and in November 2015 they completed construction of their first 20-unit purpose-built rental building: Roberts Landing. They followed that up with a 30-unit purpose-built rental building right across the street in Langford: Roberts Place. Their third building, Hockley Corners, is now nearing completion and plans for a fourth rental building are well underway. In all cases, they set up limited partnerships and have raised investor funds to make the projects happen.

Rick is the author of two books, What Is Stopping You? and 18 Holes to Your Goals. Most recently he contributed to Ozzie's book Real Estate Action 2.0. Rick is an entertaining speaker, and he has a knack for doing impersonations.

Rick Hoogendoorn and Cheri Crause

Greater Victoria REALTORS

Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty


Phone: 250-592-4422




TODD SMITH: Ace Realtor in Phoenix, The AZ Performance Realty Team

Todd Smith

Topic: "Phoenix is still hot!"

Todd Smith and his wife Shannon Cunningham lead The AZ Performance Realty Team of Keller Williams Professional Partners. They are a team of eight full-time licensed real estate agents supported by five full-time licensed Administrative Staff Members that serve the entire Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Market.

Their mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all of your Real Estate needs whether your need or strategy is to buy, sell or hold. In addition to their Real Estate services the offer Full-Time Property Management.

Recognized by Phoenix Magazine as Top Real Estate Agent, recognized by Keller Williams as the Top Real Estate Team in the SW Region and recognized by West Maricopa Association of Realtors as Top Real Estate Team four years running.

The AZ Performance Realty Team
Keller Williams Professional Partners
c 602-432-1882
f 602-325-2297


Justin Smith

Justin Smith

President of Hawkeye Wealth

Topic: "Commercial Real Estate Insights for 2019 and Beyond": Justin Smith will discuss the markets, asset classes, and strategies in commercial real estate that Hawkeye Wealth and its investors are pursuing in today's ever-evolving economy."

Having experienced first-hand the role real estate can play in wealth preservation and creation, Justin founded Hawkeye Wealth to match opportunities from experienced, top-performing issuers with the needs of high-net worth investors. Justin holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Simon Fraser University.

604.812.3710 | | Current Opportunities


Jodi Steeves

Jodi Steeves

Topic: "TBA"

Jodi Steeves is the President of the non-profit Aldergrove Business Association, belongs to the Aldergrove Rotary, is a wife, mom of 3, avid ball player, and a local Realtor for 27 years.

She is thankful to all her clients for helping her consistently be recognized in the top 1%* of the real estate industry in the Fraser Valley.

She is committed to finding your homes untapped potential and ensuring her clients are protected when buying or investing in the local market and she’s dedicated to building relationships that last a lifetime.

She does this by referring her VIP team who can handle any part of the process and by thinking outside of the box.

Her team is quick to organize landscaping, electricians, painting, flooring, contracting work, property management & more.

She also has a Realtor referral team across Canada where she can match you & a Realtor in Kamloops, Salmon Arm, the island, the East Coast or the Prairies.

She is eager to learn and improve daily and does this by networking with other top professionals, partnering with her business coach bi-monthly, being an avid reader and attending numerous seminars and never taking NO for an answer. She will find a solution.

Jodi and the VIP team look forward to seeing everyone on May 4th in Vancouver.


Dave Steele

Dave Steele

Topic: "Investing in BC’s top High Growth Markets"
Warren Buffett says "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful”. Easier said than done. Today in British Columbia, real estate investors are uncertain and many are frozen at a time when they should be taking action. Dave Steele is the CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group, a development firm focused on developing multi-family projects in the top high growth markets in North America. Over the past 30 years, Dave and his team have helped over 12,000 investors acquire more than $2.0 billion worth of cash flowing investment properties. Today WCPG is developing projects in some of the top markets in British Columbia Including Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Surrey and Victoria. These projects offer investors brand new Turn Key investment properties. Dave will share his research on where he believes these markets are heading and the current deals that his investors are seeing.

Dave Steele is the CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group and co-founder of Western Wealth Capital. In the last 30 years Dave and his team have acquired and developed 110 projects valued over $2,000,000,000. From positioning 5,200 apartment units in Phoenix, Arizona to developing the best residential community in BC, Dave brings both experience and innovation to the Land Rush Conference.

The story in 2017 has been the Lower Mainland condominium prices continuing to skyrocket with incredibly strong demand and record low inventory. New Westminster is a city who's growth is being driven by affordability, 5 Sky Train stations, and the lifestyle it offers its residents.

Western Canadian Properties Group will be proposing a 16-storey, 100 unit condominium development in New Westminster. The limited partners are investing pre-development, and upon completion the building will be sold individually as condos. The building will begin construction in February 2019 with an anticipated completion of February 2021.

WCPG believes investors will realize a return on investment as high as 20% per year. WCPG will be raising $9,000,000 through a limited partnership, the minimum investment is $25,000.


Tickets / CDs

$ 87.77

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$87.77 (plus shipping and GST) and will ship 2 weeks after the conference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor this event?

Yes, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us at 604-683-1111 Ext 2 or email for more information.

Where is the event taking place?

Land Rush 2019 is being held in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 W. Hastings St.

Is there parking available?

Parking at the hotel is by metered stall with no attendant. The price is $7 all day flat rate on the weekends.

Can I get a recording of the event?

Yes, USB Stick of Land Rush 2019 will are available.

Get A Booth!

We have a sponsorship opportunity for your company at our proven event.

Small amount of booths - lots of people, not the other way around. We had 700+ Real Estate investors (FACT) at our last event and will be sold out again. These attendees are paying to be there. A qualified audience indeed.

We appreciate that in this environment you have to be selective and careful about the money that you spend and the shows that you attend. But we will have a full house of keen ticket-buying investors, and we want you to be there as an exhibitor and sponsor!


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VENUE: Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 W. Hastings St, Vancouver, BC (see map)

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the conference

  • Jurock Publishing Ltd.
  • #204 - 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2R4
  • 604.683.1111 EXT 2
  • 1-800-691-1183
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Neither Land Rush 2019 nor Jurock Publishing Ltd. or its subsidiary companies shall be liable for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations arising from the use or misuse of the sponsorship information that appear, whether such obligations arise in contract, negligence, equity or statute law. No guarantee or warranty is made as to the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, appropriateness or suitability of the advertising or sponsorship material or sponsorship information provided. No advertising material is intended to be a substitute for the advice of a real estate, accounting or legal professional, and attendees are advised always to consult their personal professionals for a review of products and services offered.