Green Mortgage Team

Green Mortgage Team

One of the top producing brokerages in Canada

The Green Mortgage Team provides top notch service to our clients in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver BC. Whether you're a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate veteran, we're here to help.

The Kelly Fry Team

Full Service Investment Real Estate Team

The Kelly Fry Team is a Full Service Investment Real Estate Team located in the Greater Vancouver Area. The Kelly Fry Team has carved out a niche in the Investment community focusing on Real Estate as a means of growing their 'clients personal wealth'. Many of the members of the Kelly Fry Team are actively investing themselves locally. Through education Kelly and her team ensure that all clients, whether Buying or Selling, are getting the best service! Call today to find out how the Kelly Fry Team can help you with your Real Estate Goals.

Phone: 604-418-3162


Kelly Fry Personal Real Estate Corporation
Westland Living

Westland Living

Better Living.

Everything we develop and build is imbued with craftsmanship and refinement, to inspire happier, healthier, and more comfortable lives.

Our Values To make a meaningful impression in our homeowners’ lives, we must be consistent in our values. Quality is a non-negotiable, humility keeps us centred, livability provides comfort and longevity, and authenticity is ever present — from the way we communicate to the neighbourhoods we build in.

A Meaningful Foundation.

Family-owned and -operated, Westland’s long legacy of homebuilding began in Vancouver with high-end single-family homes. Across our 15-year history, we have gained an appreciation for design excellence, craftsmanship, and integrated technology.

Our reputation for developing quality homes grew, and we knew we wanted to make a greater impact on people. With this vision in mind, we began acquiring land in excellent locations, in both growing and established neighbourhoods. And we watched our dream of developing multi-family buildings come to life.

Marc Jurock CIPS, Century 21 Prudential Estate

Richmond Investment Real Estate Team

REALTOR® & Certified International Property Specialist.

Presenting Thailand at the mighty Landrush and Outlook Conference, Marc has been surrounded by Real Estate for most of his life. Marc has worked with one of the biggest private Real Estate focused websites in Western Canada since 1997 and has worked with thousands of individual Real Estate investors since 2001.

Marc has also worked with top Real Estate Agents in the Lower Mainland, Canada, the United States and beyond. His experience in the Real Estate industry is unique and far reaching.

Currently specializing in Thailand, Marc Jurock is a REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd. in Beautiful Richmond, BC, Canada and a Worldwide Property Guide.

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).

International REALTOR®, National Association of Realtors (NAR), USA.

Honorary Member, The Arctic Brotherhood - Camp Skagway No. 1, Alaska.

Plus Star Wars ...

Thailand, the sleeper investment in 2023?
Fawcett Insurance

Fawcett Insurance

Deep Cove Insurance

Fawcett Insurance began in 1932 in Deep Cove as McClintock Insurance until it was purchased by Wilfred and Marjorie Fawcett in 1969 and then became Fawcett Insurance. In 2000 Jeff and his wife Cindy Lou Fawcett purchased Fawcett Insurance from their parents Wilf & Marj. They continue to support the community in many ways, such as Parkgate Days, Seycove Auction, Northshore Harvest, to name a few.

Hawkeye Wealth Ltd.

A Dedicated Team of Real Estate Professionals

Hawkeye Wealth connects investors with carefully selected Private Real Estate Equity and Debt Opportunities with the goal of diversifying their portfolios and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. To deliver on this goal we do three things:

First, we identify and select investment strategies that we believe are best positioned for capital preservation and growth over the long-term. This includes selecting a market, asset class, and whether we'll purchase existing buildings or pursue development. So far, our focus has been on residential value-add and development opportunities in both Canada and the US, industrial in Metro-Vancouver, and residential-focused pooled mortgage funds.

Second, once we've selected a strategy we identify and partner with top-tier firms operating in that domain. This is often the most time-intensive part of our due diligence, as we believe who we partner with is the most important decision we can make.

Finally, we always conduct independent due diligence to verify key assumptions and protect investor capital. Of course we respect and trust the firms we partner with, but our ultimate duty is to our investors.
Hawkeye Wealth Ltd.
Integrated Equities Integrated Equities

Integrated Equities

private real estate investments

Our team: Taylor Steele, Cynthia Aasen, Austin Carroll: Integrated-Equities Inc.

Taylor, Cynthia and Austin help investors add real estate to their financial portfolio. They provide their clients with access to private real estate investments across Canada and the United States. Learn why investors are adding private equity real estate to their portfolio. They will discuss the benefits of private equity, how it could help provide your portfolio diversification, who is eligible to invest and the key characteristics of private equity real estate. They will share how investors are able to participate in multifamily deals using their RRSP’s and TFSA’s.

Mogul Realty Group

Serving Western Canada

The Mogul Team has strong roots in both Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. Collectively the team owns well over 500 doors worth of investment Real Estate in both cities. We walk the investor walk and that passion for investing has lead us to serve investors across Western Canada.

Over the years, Vancouver investors have looked to Edmonton as a place to find stable cash flowing property. At the same time, Edmonton investors enjoy the equity growth Vancouver has to offer. The two cities offer two different value propositions which helps to create a well diversified portfolio of Real Estate assets for investors.

At Mogul, we’re proud to do business in both cities to provide a bridge that investors can count on. We help Vancouverites buy in Vancouver and Edmontonians buy in Edmonton. Best of all, we help each invest in the other market helping make investing in a different city a great and profitable experience.

No matter which city you are planning to target, Mogul Realty Group’s expert Realtors will be thrilled to guide you through the steps of building your portfolio!
Mogul Realty Group
Tien SHer

Tien Sher

We genuinely care about the communities we build in

In our pursuit of excellence, we challenge the entire team to build homes and communities that showcase our pride but more importantly our goal to deliver a product that we too would call home. Through each phase of our developments that begin with the land acquisition to build the homes to customer care when the home is bought, every member of our team will have indelibly left their mark of excellence.

As a fully integrated real estate development company, our talented team members oversee acquisition, planning, community engagement, design, construction, marketing, sales, and customer care of a broad spectrum of residential developments. But we don’t just stop there. We also support local community charities and host events because we genuinely care about the communities that we build in.

The Trading Desk

with Victor Adair

I started writing The Trading Desk Notes a few years ago as a way to prepare for my weekly interviews with Michael Campbell on the “Moneytalks” radio show.

At first I simply sent Mike brief notes…then I decided to expand the notes, add charts, and post them to After a year or two we were also sending the notes to several hundred subscribers.

When I retired from the brokerage business I decided to set up this personal website for the Trading Desk Notes…and to also write about The Trading Life and the Trading Principles that guide my trading.

My plan is to write about trading my personal accounts…why I did what I did and what I learned from the experience. I hope this will help my readers with their own trading and investing. A brief history:

I started trading penny mining stocks in 1970 when I was in university. I worked in the mining business for the next few years and also started a gold and silver bullion trading company.

In 1977 I became a commodity broker and later also a stock broker. I had a wonderful 44 year run in the commodity trading business as a broker, manager, analyst, trader and derivatives portfolio manager.

I started writing market analysis in the late 1970’s and became the global currency analyst for Conti in 1983. In 1985 that morphed into writing daily currency comments into the global Reuters Monitor system. I started doing media interviews in the early 1980’s and began speaking at financial conferences in the 1990’s. I did my first interview with Mike Campbell in 1984 and have been a regular part of the show (and occasional host) for the past 20 years.
The Trading Desk
Michael Campbell's MONEYTALKS

Michael Campbell's MONEYTALKS

One of Canada`s most respected business analysts

Michael Campbell, Ozzie Jurock, Michael Levy and Victor Adair and guests are now on podcasts every week:

One of Canada`s most respected business analysts, Michael is best known as the host of Canada’s top rated syndicated business show MoneyTalks, and Senior Business Analyst for BCTV News on Global. His outstanding investing track record has been recognized by internationally renowned analysts like James Dines, Martin Armstrong, Peter Grandich, Greg Weldon and many more. Michael`s Inside Edge subscribers have made, and perhaps more importantly, saved money based on his analysis of market trends and opportunities.


earn passive income


CPI identifies multifamily value-add opportunities that allow our investors to receive gains beyond organic asset appreciation. CPI provides busy professionals with direct access to tax-advantaged, passive income generating assets, while our experienced team manages the properties.

Adil Awan, Century 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd.

Recognized, Respected, Recommended

Realtor/Property Manager

Recognized, Respected, Recommended

As an accomplished airline and test pilot, Adil has observed the world through discipline and creative eyes, sensed nuances and appreciated both form and function. His was a position requiring discipline, perseverance, tenacity and negotiation, and communication skills as he worked with diverse and high-profile clients. Today, as a real estate professional, he is bringing those same skills and talents to an equally broad spectrum of clients.

As a property manager, realtor and investor, Adil has gained valuable experience in various aspects of the real estate market. Adil’s clients include first time home buyers and seasoned investors. His knowledge of the rental and investor market is a definite asset when you are searching for that first home or a positive cash flow investment property. Educating his clients in the do’s and don’ts and protecting their investments is key to building relationships.

Adil’s mantra, to be in touch and stay in touch, is the key to his long-term relationships with his clients, and that same philosophy permeates his philanthropic life. Adil volunteers his time with emphasis on Children, homelessness and elderly issues.

Adil was born in Uganda, Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1971. He has called Richmond home since 1974. Having traveled most of the North America, Adil has found the Canada, British Columbia and the Lower Mainland the most beautiful place on earth. Adil’s love of cultural, recreational and social opportunities the Lower Mainland provides him constant enjoyment.

Century 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd. and its predecessors have been operating as a successful Real Estate Sales and Property Management company in the Lower Mainland since 1954.

Our office joined the Century 21 network in 1975. We were one of the first Century 21 franchises in Canada and we are proud to be the oldest franchise operating in Canada!

Our Property Management Division specializes in residential Strata Management and residential Rental Management. We are proud to be a member of various professional and Property Management organizations.

Key Marketing

KEY is the most innovative, high-volume, pre-construction real estate development marketing and sales brokerage in Western Canada with a proven history of record-breaking sellout success.
Key Marketing

Jurock Case Investment Realty (JCIR)

Well researched real estate opportunities

Jurock Case Investment Realty (JCIR) – JCIR is a licensed real estate broker owned by Ralph Case & Ozzie Jurock who specializes in finding well researched real estate opportunities for a special group of select clients. Formerly called Worldwide Referrals Realty, the new JCIR relies on the expertise of the founders Ralph Case & Ozzie Jurock, who together have been in the real estate business over 60 years.

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Real Estate Talks

Real Estate Talks

real estate bulletin board
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